Mongoose Wanderer AL Tandem Bike

Tandem biking is a perfect way for a couple or family to get away and spend time together, and the Mongoose Wanderer AL Tandem Bike is the perfect vehicle for it. Mongoose has been in the bike industry since it began in a garage in Southern California in 1974, so they have the experience to know what makes a quality bike. The Wanderer AL Tandem Bike maintains the Mongoose reputation.

The ultra strong, oversized 7005 aluminum frame creates a solid yet light weight foundation for Mongoose to build its Wanderer AL Tandem Bike on. Carrying the frame are the Supersonic alloy, 36 spoke, 26 inch wheels. The large wheels and light frame make the ride smooth and enjoyable whether you’re taking a casual ride through the park or taking it off road for a more vigorous ride on the trails.

The Wanderer features SRAM 4.0 21 speed shifters and SRAM rear derailleur to provide all the torque you need to make it up the steepest of hills, as long as you’re willing to put the work into propelling it. Once you’ve topped the hill, the alloy linear brake system will keep your speed in check as you coast down the other side. The Wanderer sports a rigid fork that will assist in braking and keep the bike steady. The Mega range free wheel with overdrive makes shifting gears easy and smooth.

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Mongoose Wanderer AL Tandem Bike Features and Specifications

  • Oversized 7005 aluminum frame
  • SRAM 4.0 21 speed shifters and SRAM rear derailleur
  • Mega range free wheel
  • Alloy linear pull brake and rigid fork

The Reviews

The Mongoose Wanderer AL Tandem bike is the perfect choice for the casual biker that would like some company while riding. Whether you have never ridden a tandem bike, or have done it before and miss the fun, the Wanderer offers tandem riding at its best without cleaning out your bank account. A day spent on this tandem bike can create a perfect opportunity for a mother and father to escape from the home for a little while, or allow a parent to spend some time with their kids. Whoever you choose to partner with on your ride, the Mongoose Wanderer is a small investment that is sure to last for years to come. customers are quick to comment on their experiences with the Mongoose Wanderer AL. One such customer has said that the Wanderer’s ride was better than expected, and that after an 18 mile ride, he was pleasantly surprised by the bike’s performance. He went on to say that assembly of the bike was relatively easy, and was completed in about an hour.

Another customer said that he couldn’t be happier with his Wanderer. He focused on the value in his comments, saying that the amount of fun he has gotten out of his bike far exceeds the amount of money paid. What excited him the most was that the Wanderer Tandem Bike allowed him to have pleasant conversations with his wife as they rode, but he didn’t have to spend a fortune to find an activity that they could enjoy together.

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